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See what your Employees are doing with their PCs. PCMonitor is a cloud based Remote monitoring service that improves employee productivity by minimising the Hours wasted by employees on the internet.
Child Monitoring Software
Monitor and Track Your Child's Computer Activity and protect them from Pornography, Cyber Bullying, Online Predators, Social Network Dangers and Internet Addiction
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Testimonials / Reviews

"An absolutely brilliant service, reliable, best quality and very cost effective. The slide show option is first class and gives us valuable insight of the days work."
Shawn Murray, WizNet Internet Services
"We're glad to say that we've found a good solution for our office. Now our employees are aware they are being watched! More time is now spent on our company ERP!"
Sameer Naik, Den Digital Networks
"YouTube, Facebook, etc SHOULD be monitored. I don't think it's insane to allow a 12 year old to have FaceBook, but the very least a parent should know is what's happening on those sites."
Jessica M., Melbourne, Australia