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We provide you with a software that is installed on each employee's desktop computer or on your childs Laptop or Desktop PC at home. An advanced, easy-to-use control panel enables you to have full view of screen shots of these computers taken by PCMonitor software. You have easy access to features such as the ability to save the screen shots, email them, view them as a slide show when your are on another task.

About PCMonitor
Everything you need to know about PCMonitor

What is PCMonitor? PCMonitor is an absolute wonderful service that aims to help employers and small businesses to monitor employee PC usage during the work hours. Parents can also use PCMonitor as Child Monitoring Software to keep a check of their kids online activities. The PCMonitor software installed on the Target PCs will click and save a snapshot of the screen randomly every 5 minutes. You can view these snapshots from any browser just to make sure your office resources are being used for the reason they are there and your kid is secure in the online world!

What do I need to Install on my employee's or kid's PCs? Just a small PCMonitor software that we provide you. Install it and enter the USER PIN you get from us, the PC name and your Email Id which becomes your master ID for all PCs. That's it! the monitoring starts!

Do I need my server? No. We have dedicated servers to handle all the traffic your PCs will generate with a high uptime. You need not invest in any servers!

How do I view what happened on my office or home PCs Simple. when you purchase PCMonitor you need to sign up with us and choose a Login Id (which should be your Email ID) and password. You can then login to www.pcmonitor.in and view the snapshots of the PCs that you Installed PCMonitor Software in.

How many PCs can I monitor? You can purchase PCMonitor software for unlimited number of PCs. Your server login will show you all the PCs you have subscribed to.

Will my Employees or kids know? You have the option or running the PCMonitor software in hidden or open mode. We recommend that you use the software in open mode and make it a policy to have the software running so long as the PC is running. Communicating the need for monitoring the business resources will make employees more accountable towards work and kids more careful when choosing what to do on the internet.

Committed to Quality Founded in 2013, PCMonitor has committed itself to providing the best quality service possible. Since our launch, PCMonitor has been a tremendous success, and now hosts data of thousands of remote PCs for customers from all around the globe..