PCMonitor - A Unique Solution to Online Safety

Janbal Dharmaraj
Friday 12th July, 2014

This is the age of instant information, where a deluge of data floods your screen at the click of a button. The Internet has become an indispensable channel of unlimited info. Though the Web had only encompassed the professional world in the earlier days, it has now become an indispensable part of every common man's life. From cloud storage to social networking, the Internet has successfully spread its tentacles right up to the teenagers. Consequently, virtual world has taken preference over the real world we live in. The constant messages thrown at us shapes the way we think and often decides our lifestyle.

In such an information-sated culture, keeping your child away from the Internet may not be wise thing to do. On the other hand, reviewing your child's activity on the virtual world may leave you in a conundrum. At times, it may seem unnecessary to invade your child's privacy. The truth, however, is that the consequences can be hazardous most times, in cases when the child surfs without any parental control. Your child can fall prey to cyber bullying, age inappropriate content, and other knavish dangers lurking in the shadows. The latest addition to the harm list is "defriending", which suddenly creates a vacuum in children's lives and they are slide into depression. Unfortunately, online experiences are powerful enough to determine their personalities. Of course, there are filters available, you can place the computer in a high-traffic zone, educate your child, and other similar methods can be adopted to shield your child from potential traps. However, at times, it can get tough. Especially, when the child feels that these steps are an unnecessary intrusion into his personal life, your attempt may seem to be futile. So, how about secretly monitoring them and yet not offend them?

Well, now it's time to hear some good news! There is an exclusively designed solution to keep dangers at bay. Yes, now safety lies in your hands. Thanks to PCMonitor, a perfect gift for busy parents. This user-friendly tool is sure to take all your concerns away. Unlike the complicated tools available in the market, PCMonitor saves you from all unwanted processes. The simple-to-understand clear instructions will guide you towards software installation in a jiffy. The hassle-free installation promises to save your quality time and keeps your peace intact. You need to just use the PIN that you'll receive when you purchase the software. Give the PC a name and enter your e-mail ID for registration. And then, the monitoring begins. Wasn't that a breeze?

Well, what's more interesting about this child monitoring tool is that you need not have the target PC on when you monitor the screen shots. You can view the screen shots anytime from the PCMonitor server. This comprehensive tool enables you to keep a track of your child's online engagements. It clicks and saves the screenshot of the computer screen arbitrarily every five minutes. The snapshots thus collected can be viewed anytime, at any browser you choose. This concept makes PCMonitor one of its kind and an irresistible brand new entry in the tech world. Now, you'll be able to prevent your kid from drifting away in the wrong path. So you can safely leave for work without having to fret about your child's security. You'll be able to estimate the amount of time, you child has spent on the computer. This way, you will get to catch any signs of your kid getting addicted to the virtual lifestyle.

Since it's inception, PCMonitor has been able to attract a huge list of clientele from all walks of life. Today, thousands of households can confidently vouch for the myriad of benefits this monitoring software renders. An interesting feature to note is that you can assign unlimited PCs to the online control panel of this software. This becomes particularly useful in a corporate setting, where all the employees can be covered under a single web based control panel. It is cost-effective and surely a foolproof way to obtain maximum productivity from the employees. Ideally, company resources are to be optimally used and mainly for benefiting the business in terms of an evident revenue growth. Unlimited surfing and access to entertainment sites are a threat to productivity and a healthy work culture. Installing PCMonitor is definitely a tried and tested formula to make the employees aware of their primary purpose at workplace. Ultimately, every moment put to productive work is of paramount importance from the perspective of the business owner.

The vigilant software can be run either in hidden or open mode. However, it is always a good practice to have the tool functioning in a visible mode. With this, the employees tend to become more accountable towards work and prudent in terms of using their time efficiently. This tool is surely less complex to use and unarguably is cost-effective. Needless to say, whether it is the safety of your child or preventing your employee getting carried away into unwanted things during work hours, PCMonitor is one kit that meets all your online security needs.

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