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Step 1. Download the Setup
Click the link below. Compatible for Windows XP Windows 7 32 Bit and Windows 8
Step 2. Install on all the Target PCs
Install the downloaded Setup on all PCs you want to Monitor
Give a different PC Name but keep the Master Email ID common

Click on register

Your Target PC will now be Monitored!

Windows Firewall Blocks PCMonitor ? click "Allow Access" if your Windows Firewall asks you if you want to allow internet access to PCMonitor

Step 3. Create your Login Account to View Target PCs
To View the remote PC, create a user account here
Enter your Master Email ID (which must be same as entered in Step2 above)

Enter other details and hit "Submit"

Step 4. Login and View the Snapshots!
Use the Master Email ID and Password here!
Thats it! Happy Monitoring!