Information on how to get your software up and running!

Getting Started Download the PCMonitor software and install it in the PCs you wish to monitor. On the first running, you will have to enter the Master PIN (Which will be your Email ID) and User PIN which will be the code you purchased for the PC. If you want to just try PCMonitor for 14 Day Free Trial period then you can enter DEMO as user PIN. Click Register. Thats it! Your PC with PCMonitor software just installed will start clicking and saving screenshots randomly every 5 minutes!

How to view the snapshots? Simple. Just create and account by registering yourself in the Login section of our website. Once you have registered yourself, login to your account. You will be shown a list of all PCs covered for monitoring by you. Select the PC by clicking the link 'Select Date' next to it. Now select the date for which you want to view the snapshots. You will be directed to the final page which has a link to your snapshot viewer!... Use the navigation bar at the bottom and view the snapshots for the day!

Maximum PCs You can sign in for unlimited PCs to be monitored using one account!

Email us You can mail us to in case you have any further query